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ATTENTION SECTION 3 BUSINESS CONCERNS: Get ready for RAD! Earn SEMS™ credentials when you complete a sustainability plan and the SEMS™ Certification Exam!

Sustainability is not an option for small and diverse suppliers that want to do business in Greater Cincinnati’s growing economic hub. The City is partnering with ACF Enterprises LLC and its Institute for Sustainable Business Education to help small, minority- and women-owned businesses work through the key steps to create a customized sustainability program.

Interested in doing business with the public and private sector in Greater Cincinnati? Click here for an update about the Cincinnati Department of Economic Inclusion.

In an effort to help small and diverse firms to scale up and become more sustainable, the Cincinnati Department of Economic Inclusion is offering a series of informative business development e-learning courses and webinars on demand. Scholarships are available to diverse businesses that reside within Hamilton County, Ohio. Six dynamic courses are completely online and available 24/7 until June 30, 2017. Participants will learn how to:

• Mitigate environmental risks

• Conduct a sustainability assessment to establish benchmarks

• Develop an action plan to operate more efficiently

• Audit systems to improve sustainability performance

Technical assistance is also being provided to help small and diverse companies create a sustainability action plan in preparation for becoming SEMS™ Certified. Participating businesses that complete the program will be awarded a Certificate of Commendation from Cincinnati’s Mayor Cranley. Additionally, the company will be eligible to receive an award and valuable recognition at the Midwest Regional Sustainability Summit in June 2017.