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ATTENTION HOUSING SUPPLIERS: RAD requires “green certification” of rehabbed properties. HUD recognizes Building for the Future with SEMS™ Certification as a “National Best Practice” for suppliers to compete for federally-funded contracts and subcontracts.

ATTENTION SUPPLIERS! Gain more value by improving your performance in the supply chain. Achieve SEMS™ Supplier Sustainability Certification!

SEMS™ Certification is a declaration of excellence in achieving sustainability. This exciting learning experience is a proven model to take small and diverse businesses to a new level of capability and sustainability performance improvements. Suppliers that are SEMS™ Certified operate in a more strategic, sustainable way, allowing them to overcome barriers to inclusion.

Through our Institute for Sustainable Business Education, ACF Enterprises, LLC offers affordable sustainability training and certification programs. We partner with organizations in both the public and private sectors to advance sustainability and inclusion among small and diverse suppliers. The curriculum is designed to give supplier companies a comprehensive knowledge of sustainability across multiple functional areas, along with skills for internal and external supply chain sustainability leadership.

Based on research and experience, ACF Enterprises has identified several areas that represent the highest priorities to focus on for supply chain impacts. In fact, we've partnered with top-quality subject matter experts to provide suppliers with everything ranging from sustainability awareness to mitigating social risks to internal auditing and reporting sustainability performance improvements. Our courses are specifically designed to reduce exposure on critical issues, while making suppliers more valuable in the supply chain.

Don't worry. No matter which program you’re engaged with, there's no need to sit through training for a significant chunk of your workday. Our courses are modular in design and delivered completely online. So you can stop at any time and return to the training at your convenience.