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ATTENTION HOUSING SUPPLIERS: RAD requires “green certification” of rehabbed properties. Building for the Future prepares you to effectively compete for RAD contracts and subcontracts.

ATTENTION ATTENTION SONOCO SUPPLIERS: Navigate through key steps to create a sustainability program and achieve SEMS™ Certification.

SEMS™ Certification is a declaration of excellence in achieving sustainability. This exciting sustainability learning experience is a proven model to take small and diverse businesses to a new level of capability and capacity. Suppliers that are SEMS™ Certified operate in a more strategic, sustainable way, allowing them to overcome barriers to inclusion.

Interested in becoming a valued supplier? Sustainability is not an option for small and diverse businesses that want to scale up and grow in a 21st century market. Building for the Future is designed to build value and competitive advantage into your enterprise by leveraging sustainability in operations.
ACF Enterprises and its Institute for Sustainable Business Education are partnering with organizations in both the public and private sectors to advance sustainability among small and diverse suppliers. This hands-on training is full of advice, tips and tools to help you document a sustainability plan of action, monitor sustainability performance improvements, and become a SEMS™ Certified Green Business. Building for the Future courses are completely online and available 24/7 for a period of 12 months. Here’s how your company can benefit:

• A comprehensive workbook is a companion for use with the online courses. It contains everything you need to create a sustainability program for your business, from assessment tools to planning worksheets to audit report forms. You can download the companion workbook from the course list.

• An online self-assessment tool provides a glimpse of how your company is doing with regard to mitigating risks and sustainable performance. Complete the SEMS™ Sustainability Assessment and Status Report in your workbook.

• An easy-to-use online tutorial and template to assist in the development of a customized sustainability plan of action will guide you toward efficiency in operations. Use the planning template in the Toolkit section of the workbook.

• An online audit tool makes it easy to regularly conduct internal sustainability audits to monitor progress and measure performance improvement. You should conduct the first audit six months after you begin implementing your plan. Use the SEMS™ Audit template in your workbook to conduct an internal sustainability audit.

Participants earn a Building for the Future Certificate of Commendation upon completing a sustainability plan document and passing this program’s final exam. inthis program. The SEMS™ Certification credential is awarded after implementing your plan for a period of six months and passing a two-part certification exam with a score of 70 or better.

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