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The EEO Challenge™

Full course includes:
  • Introduction and 6 modules
Delivery options:
  • Host on MYCA:Learning’s LMS
  • Host on a customized LMS portal with your company logo and introduction
  • Host on your own standards-compliant LMS (AICC and SCORM)

Huge monetary settlements have been awarded as a result of incidents of discrimination and harassment between a supervisor and a subordinate or due to management’s failure to identify and address issues of discrimination in a timely and appropriate manner.

The EEO Challenge e-learning course is an innovative approach to a challenging topic. Its creative design actively engages supervisors and managers as they deal with diverse and complex issues related to EEO compliance and the law. Unlike many courses on this topic, the EEO Challenge is not a boring recitation of the law. Rather, it is a self-directed activity that encourages participants to uncover valuable guidance as they climb the EEO mountain and progress from the base camp to the summit.

The course structure includes the liberal use of company-relevant vignettes to bring reality into the course and specific issues that your organization faces can be easily added. Various case law principles are featured to ensure understanding of the legal and practical ramifications of harassment and discrimination in the workplace. And, although the incorporation of the “gaming” approach into the instructional design of the course adds a somewhat “entertaining” focus, the course very clearly demonstrates the seriousness of the topic.