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As the profile of the population, workforce and consumer changes, so does the responsibility of every employee to interact effectively with co-workers, as well as consumers, no matter the difference in backgrounds. Knowledge, understanding and exposure to the dimensions of difference increases comfort and acceptance, therefore increasing personal productivity and bottom-line results.

The EDGE Advantage Lite includes the first two modules of the award-winning EDGE Advantage course series. The modules go beyond the basics of diversity, leveraging multimedia technology to create an individualized and highly interactive learning environment.

Designed to reduce barriers and improve productivity, you’ll interact with a virtual workgroup of individuals who are diverse in many ways and have just been assigned to a newly created department. Each module is a 35-to-45 minute interactive learning experience of realistic workplace dynamics. A brief Introduction module provides some background on the team members and the EDGE Lite series includes:

Module 1: The Knowledge EDGE
The Knowledge EDGE© provides the business case for learning about differences and defines the term “diversity” in a way that is easy to understand and is inclusive of everyone. Users meet the Virtual Team that they will be working with, and begin to learn some basics about inclusion in today’s workforce.

Module 2: The Awareness EDGE
This course reveals how we are all influenced at a young age by society’s tendency to “group” people together and assign specific characteristics to each group. Members of the team begin to reveal some of their personal experiences and how they have been impacted by assumptions and stereotypes.

Why should I use The EDGE Advantage? After completing EDGE, organizations are better able to see opportunities for development, as well as strengths within various workgroups, allowing them to reapply best practices. Our innovative approach increases the interactivity of the content delivery by posing questions and surveys within the program series. The data is captured by our proprietary Learning Management System, DQTracs, and provides you with invaluable feedback about the culture of inclusion inside your workforce. You will be better able to meet the needs of your workforce, as well as your consumer, viewing the collective perceptions and concerns by a variety of filters, such as race, ethnicity, gender, age and company position.
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