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As organizations become increasingly global, it is imperative that individuals understand and relate to those from other cultures/countries to improve their overall effectiveness and create a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Using the highly effective and engaging EDGE Advantage© e-learning course as a base, the International EDGE© Advantage curriculum ensures participants will enjoy the learning experience and walk away with actionable skills for this global economy.

Dozens of Fortune 500 corporations have used the EDGE Advantage© to train their workforce and report extremely high levels of satisfaction with the content and the delivery methodology. In fact, over 97% of participants agree that they have a greater understanding of diversity and its impact after viewing this training, 93% said the course was of good quality, and 89% said they could immediately apply what they’ve learned on the job.

The International EDGE Advantage© course series goes beyond the basics of diversity and sets the stage for a truly inclusive work environment that not only understands, but values and leverages the differences among an international workforce. Written specifically to address a global audience, all of the content within the International Advantage is designed to ensure participants gain a better understanding of their individual, regional, and global differences.

Our strategy is to deploy the “base” level course to all employees throughout the world and then supplement this course with a secondary module that includes appropriate region/country specific content to maximize the effectiveness of the overall program.

MODULE 1 – The Knowledge Edge
The first module in the series, The Knowledge EDGE©, includes tools to help participants better understand key differences such as nationality, religion, gender, ethnicity/race and many others. More important, participants discover why these differences are a business issue, and that it’s in everyone’s best interest to work more effectively with others, regardless of their background.

MODULE 2 – The Awareness Edge
A variety of interactive exercises are used to explore how we’re taught to think and feel about differences…and how this influences our behavior with people who are different from ourselves. Increased understanding is at the very core of the second module, The Awareness Edge©, as participants learn how increased awareness of differences and proactive efforts to include others can improve product development, innovation, employee development / contribution, business decisions and customer service. Key pointers on business practices/etiquette around the world are also included in this module to increase participant comfort in interacting with people from different cultures.

Diversity Awareness Focus
The International EDGE© is first and foremost a diversity knowledge and awareness building program. Focusing on the various aspects of diversity and promoting an inclusive work culture, the course series includes key definitions, interactive exercises and ‘real world’ dialogue among team members as they explore the topic in depth.

Building Multicultural Competencies
Knowledge and awareness are the first steps in leveraging the power of diversity for competitive advantage in the marketplace. The proposed courseware will provide numerous opportunities for individuals to not only learn from others, but also test their own skills and multicultural aptitude as they work through the content. Participants will build their interpersonal skills and knowledge of various cultures to enhance their confidence in dealing with those who are different from them. Specific skill sets can be incorporated into ‘customized’ modules on a region/country-wide basis to reinforce desired competencies.

The EDGE Advantage© is one of the most dynamic and interactive diversity e-learning courses on the market today with literally dozens of opportunities for participants to actively participate in the course. Delivered through a ‘virtual team’ approach, the participant becomes the 6th member of the team and is often asked to register their opinion and/or reaction to the material being presented. That approach, along with a wide variety of learning exercises, keeps the participant’s attention and ensures active involvement. The screen changes every 3-5 seconds so there is always something happening that requires the attention of the participant. And, the course is structured to ensure active involvement in the content... participants cannot turn it on and leave the room. Data we collect as participants exit the course indicates that 89% agree that the course kept their attention.

Our proprietary Learning Management System (LMS) can easily deploy content on a global basis as long as internet connectivity is available. For those regions/countries/locations where bandwidth is an issue, we can provide a CD-based solution that runs from the local computer and taps into the LMS to post scores and record completion. Several of our clients have also chosen to put our courseware into their own Learning Management Systems, which can easily be accomplished (all of our courses are AICC and SCORM compliant).
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