Reality Bytes is an easy, engaging and effective online reinforcement tool that assists you in your strategy of keeping your training message alive and focused. By delivering Reality Bytes, your organization can easily send out real-life scenarios, daily, weekly or monthly, depicting potential events in your workplace culture, and requiring users to apply their decision-making skills for dealing with difficult situations that commonly arise.

Each Reality Byte takes approximately 3-5 minutes to complete, and access is sent directly to your email Inbox, for ease of use. Our team will work with you to customize the scenarios and resolutions for your workplace, recognizing that each organization has different goals, as well as processes for handling situations on a variety of workplace dynamics.

Research shows that even with the best e-learning or classroom training program, at most 50% of what has been shared will be retained. In fact, the latest studies show that after 30 days only 20% of what was taught in a workshop or online program is retained.

Utilizing Reality Bytes as a process for reinforcement allows you to continue the momentum of training and professional development that you have invested in, by challenging your workforce to actively use the skills and tools that they have developed for working in an increasingly diverse workforce. By exposing them to potentially unique or difficult situations, and posing a variety of possible resolutions in an easy format that they can engage in regularly, your participants get to exercise their skills at managing the differences that exist between us. Increasing knowledge and awareness, as well as increasing the understanding and skill of how best to deal with a challenging situation, impacts the development and maintenance of professional and respectful behavior, as well as an inclusive and enjoyable work environment for everyone. All too common, people engage in a great training program, and then let the ideas and concepts explored slip away as they “normalize” back into their daily work patterns. For meaningful change, there must be continued dialogue and opportunity to explore.

Scenarios range in topic from recruitment and retention practices to dealing with prejudices, stereotypes and subtle barriers ... from team skills and personal accountability to workplace harassment. Each scenario is customized and created to suit your organization's needs, so you can tackle topics that are completely relevant to your organizational culture's needs. The scenarios can be sent to your participants in at any frequency level you deem most appropriate. We can further customize the experience by including your organization's brand, or specific messages from your executive board and human resources.