EZLEARN University

Workplace Bullying

Full Course includes:
  • Employee course – approximately 25 minutes
Course Features:
  • Discover the difference between bullying and aggressive management
  • Witness a bullying scenario and learn best practices for how to handle difficult situations
  • Discover the three main types of bullies and the tactics they use to intimidate others
Delivery options:
  • Host on MYCA:Learning’s LMS
  • Host on a customized LMS portal with your company logo and introduction
  • Host on your own standards-compliant LMS (AICC and SCORM)

Bullying is characterized by an ongoing pattern of intimidating or demeaning behavior. Such behavior can affect the victim’s health, sap morale, lead to increased employee turnover, and even affect the company’s bottom line. Regardless of workplace size, research shows that 37% of all employees have been bullied at some point in their career. While statistically, most bullies are in a position of power as it relates to the target, coworkers, subordinates, and even clients and suppliers can be bullies. How should an employee proceed if he/she thinks it is happening to them? And how can you protect your company from litigation in view of advancing legal policy? Workplace Bullying™ Employee Version will teach your employees to define, recognize, and address this complex issue. Remember, when bullying compromises the effectiveness of one member of a team, the entire workplace suffers.