THE™ K-12 version
The Advantage K-12 is a simulation based e-learning course designed to increase knowledge, awareness, and skills for effectively managing diversity and inclusion in the K-12 educational environment.

The impact of district ratings are far-reaching from staff recruitment and attraction of new students to the success of school levies and the value of personal property and homes. The success of a school and district in maintaining and enhancing their state rating depends on their ability to interact with peers, administrators, students, and families who are different than themselves. It is important to not just accept that people are different, but to introduce inclusion strategies to benefit the entire classroom.

Enhance Inclusion Strategies
The staff of a district is increasingly representative of the students they serve. Engage your faculty, staff and students in a unique exercise of understanding diversity, and the impact on our educational institutions in an easy-to-use and engaging platform. Raise the standards and expectations of your colleagues and students on the intellectual and fiscal necessities of a diverse institution of learning.

In the Advantage K-12, participants become the 9th member of a virtual team that was formed to develop diversity and inclusion strategies for a school, along with an action plan for students, faculty, and staff organization. Three modules take you through the course:
  • The Knowledge EDGE© The first module provides the foundation for your team to foster a work environment of understanding, mutual respect, and proactive inclusive. Understand key terms and factors that create diversity.
  • The Awareness EDGE© This course reveals how we are all influenced at a young age by society’s tendency to “group” people together and assign specific characteristics to each group. Participants will see how this influences our behavior and how we feel and act toward others.
  • The Reality EDGE© Realistic scenarios are used to test knowledge and skills as participants select the best and/or most appropriate solution to common situations.
By using a variety of techniques including audio, video, text and graphics, all 4 major learning styles are accommodated in the course.

After completing Advantage K-12, districts are able to see opportunities for development and strengths within various workgroups. Our approach increases the interactivity of the content delivery by posing questions and surveys within the program series. The data is captured by our proprietary Learning Management System, DQTracs™, and provides you with invaluable feedback about the culture of inclusion within your organization. You will be better able to meet the needs of your district, as well as your student body as you view the collective perceptions and concerns by a variety of filters, such as race, ethnicity, gender, age and role.