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In order to be competitive, businesses must become culturally competent. Business strategies must now consider the expanding influence of multicultural communities as well as the myriad of personal differences that define today’s workers.

While earlier diversity programs dealt primarily with race and gender, we now recognize that the entire spectrum of differences represented in today’s multi-cultural and multi-generational workforce represents a tremendous opportunity for competitive advantage.

eZDiversity is a simulation based e-learning course designed to increase knowledge, awareness, and skills for effectively managing diversity and inclusion.

Participants will:
  • Explore their knowledge about diversity
  • Become aware of why diversity is a business issue
  • Understand key terms related to differences and the impact of differences in the workplace
  • Engage in a variety of interactive exercises that explore how we’re taught to think and feel about differences
  • Explore the topic of micro-inequities
  • Use a series of vignettes to determine the most effective way to handle typical workplace interactions
Knowledge, understanding and exposure to the dimensions of difference increases comfort and acceptance, therefore increasing personal productivity and bottom-line results.

Using eZDiversity, participants will enjoy the learning experience and walk away with actionable skills for their workplace.
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