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Building For The Future
"Best Practices" Training

Here’s an easy way to ensure sustainability and economic inclusion are achieved. Building for the Future is a powerful educational and support initiative specifically designed for professionals who are charged with making social equity happen as they engage with public and private sector projects.

This unique certificate program relates to real-life experiences. Building for the Future provides a dynamic "train-the-trainer" learning experience for Section 3 Managers, Housing Professionals, Community Developers and Business Consultants. You will develop inclusion and sustainability skills to increase the entrepreneurial readiness of Section 3 businesses, many of whom are owned by minorities and women. The training is comprised of six professional development lessons that serve as a “how to” guide to ensure that small and diverse companies can effectively compete for subcontracts from large, major contractors. An additional course reinforces the need for supplier sustainable development. The program also comes with a companion workbook in PDF format. The downloadable workbook is an invaluable tool to provide insight into the content covered in each lesson. Knowledge and skills will be strengthened as you complete the corresponding assignments.

A core component of the training is SEMS™, a proven system for sustainable business development. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has nominated Building for the Future as a “National Best Practice” for implementation during its massive national construction project known as RAD. Also, Building for the Future recently won the National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials (NAHRO) 2017 top housing "National Award of Excellence" and received the Nan McKay "2017 Residents Service Award".

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