EZLEARN University

Diversity & Inclusion Courses

We are proud to present some of the “Best in Class” online learning in the field of diversity and inclusion, leveraging our partner, Pope & Associates’ 35 years of expertise. Training programs and strategies that focus on cooperation, collaboration and inclusion have a tremendous impact on the overall ability of a company to compete effectively in the global marketplace. Individual work groups and/or departments are better able to achieve business goals by working effectively with others who are different than themselves. Increase collaboration, retention and higher employee engagement to improve your competitive edge.

The EDGE Advantage™

As the profile of the American population changes, so does the responsibility of every employee to interact effectively with co-workers as well as consumers, despite any real or perceived differences. Knowledge, understanding and exposure to the dimensions of difference increases comfort and acceptance, thereby increasing personal productivity and bottom-line results. Consisting of three modules that go beyond the basics of diversity, the Edge Advantage series leverages multimedia technology to create an individualized and highly interactive learning environment.

The TEAM Advantage™

The Team Advantage™ is designed to improve the ability of your workforce to engage and interact with co-workers who are different than themselves, and to learn the characteristics and value of High Performing Teams.

Workforce Generations™

Managing Generational Effectiveness in the Workplace takes a close look at the benefits and challenges of combining individuals from a broad range of ages in different work settings. As a supervisor, you will focus on the best ways to recruit, retain, manage, hire, and train people from every generation in the workplace.

Power of Diversity™

The Power of Diversity is a simulation based e-learning course designed to increase knowledge, awareness, and skills for effectively managing diversity and inclusion.

Supplier Diversity Advantage™

Supplier Diversity involves an organizational change process which is subject to the same kind of inertia and resistance as any organizational change. Many change initiatives fail and become the latest “flavor-of-the-month,” due to lack of sustained commitment from Senior Management and/or understanding within the workforce. The Supplier Diversity Edge Advantage provides the education and communication needed to jump start a successful diversity endeavor.